About Restorations


Malcolm Easton's photographs in Restorations show fragile domestic objects that have been shattered and are now tenuously held together. The objects seem commonplace, yet the efforts to preserve them suggest a greater significance. The tags, coded to reflect color, weight and date, further this impression.  The narrative to explain the damage and the attempted repairs is left for the viewer to imagine.

In creating this work, Easton served as would-be restorer as well as photographer. Using a handheld mirror, he reflected beams of sunlight into a darkened room that held his subjects. This technique accentuated the sharp edges and damaged surfaces, lending a tactile appeal to the images. 

Elements of surprise pervade the work-- familiar objects have changed in unexpected ways. There is visual tension between the materials of repair and the once-pristine surfaces. The images suggest our own vulnerabilities.  They speak of human frailty and resilience.