Wide Open 8, Best of Show Gold,
   Brooklyn Waterfront Artists
   Coalition (2017)
Grand Prix de la Découverte, Juror
   Award of Merit in Still Life (2013)


   Walker Fine Art,
   Denver, CO (2018)
Keepsakes of Strangers, Viewpoint
  Photographic Art Center,
  Sacramento, CA (2016)


The Still Life,
(Juror: Kimberley Witham)
  Southeast Center for Photography,
  Greenville,SC (2018)
Wide Open 8,
(Juror: Cara Manes)  BWAC
  Gallery, Brooklyn,NY (2017)
The Curated Fridge-
  Spring Show
,(Juror: Jessica
  Roscio), Somerville, MA (2017)
Day Dreamers, (Jurors: 
  O.N. Bleicher and D. Gorman),
  BG Gallery,
  Santa Monica, CA (2017)
Mystery and Enigma,
  Kreft Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI (2017)
Introductions 2016,
 (Jurors: Abby Chen, Clea
  Massiani,Renny Pritikin), 
  San Francisco, CA (2016)
Wide Open 7,
(Juror: Beth Saunders) BWAC Gallery,
  Brooklyn,NY (2016)
PHOTOcentric 2015, (Juror: Julie
  Saul),Garrison Art Center,
  Garrison, NY (2015)
2015 Members Show (Juror: Katherine
  Ware), CPAC, Denver, CO (2015)
Still Life, (Juror: Jennie Lennick),
  Root Division,
  San Francisco, CA (2015)
The Photo Review 30th
  International Photography
,(Juror: Jennifer
  Blessing), online and print (2014)
Treasure, (Juror: Roy Flukinger),
  A Smith Gallery,
  Johnson City,TX (2014)
Contempo, (Juror: Elayne Mordes), 
   Lighthouse ArtCenter Museum,
   Tequesta, FL (2014)
Magical Events, The Seligmann
   Center,Sugar Loaf, NY (2014)
Reflections,(Juror: Leigh Gleason),
   San Luis Obispo Museum of Art,
   San Luis Obispo, CA (2014)
2014 Juried Art Show,
   (Jurors: Carin Adams and Caitlin
   Haskell),Piedmont Center for the
   Arts, Piedmont, CA (2014)
HOME, (Juror: Richard Turner), 
   Orange County Center for
   Contemporary Art, 
   Santa Ana, CA  (2014) 
Photospiva National Competition,
   (Juror: Dornith Doherty), 
   George A. Spiva Center
   for the Arts,oplin, MO (2014)
PhotoBOMB, (Jurors: Lee Deigaard
   and AnnieLaurie Erickson), 
   The Front, New Orleans,
   LA (2013)
Photospiva National Competition,
   (Juror: Natasha Egan), 
   George A. Spiva Center
   for the Arts, Joplin, MO (2013)
LENS 2013, (Juror: Karen Irvine),
   Perspective Gallery, 
   Evanston, IL  (2013)
Of Memory Bone and Myth IV,
   (Juror:Olivia Parker),
   Rourke Museum of Art,
   Moorhead, MN (2013)
Small Wonders,
   (Juror: Laura Amussen),
   Maryland Federation of Art,
   Annapolis, MD  (2012)    
N.E.W., (Juror: Seth Thompson), V
   Visual Art Exchange, 
   Raleigh, NC (2012)
Botanicals, (Jurors: Irene Imfeld and
   Henry Bowles), PHOTO, 
   Oakland, CA (2012)
TPS 21-Texas Photographic Society
   International Competition
Juror: Aline Smithson),
   traveling exhibit, TX (2012-2013)
WaterWorks (Juror: Ed Carey),
   Arc Studios,
   San Francisco, CA(2012)
Statewide Photography Competition
(Juror: Brian Taylor),
   Triton Museum of Art,
   Santa Clara, CA (2012)
Winter (Juror: Jean Caslin),
   Honorable Mention,  
   A Smith Gallery,
   Johnson City, TX (2012)
Photo⊕Craft (Juror: Blue Mitchell,
   LightBox Photographic Gallery,
   Astoria, Oregon (2011)
Artfully Reclaimed
Juror: Jack Fischer),
  Marin Museum of
  Contemporary Art,
  Novato, CA (2011)
Fusion in the Visual Arts,
   (Juror: Aaron Timlin),
   Kreft Center for the Arts,
   Ann Arbor, MI (2011)
In The Mix, (Juror: Tim Liddy),
   Foundry Art Centre, 
   St.Charles, MO (2011)
Art Photo Index
  Invited member (2015)
  Editors' Pick--Fine Art (4/2014)
The Photo Review,
  Competition issue (2014)
Lintroller, (7/17/2014)
The HAND Magazine,
  Issue #5 (7/2014)
People's Photography, (7/2013)
The Daily Photograph, Duncan
  Miller Gallery, Online
  (7/11/2013, 9/15/2015)
La Fototeca, (6/2013)
Sill Point Arts Quarterly,
  Online (2012)
Plates to Pixels Gallery,
  Online (2011)
F-stop Magazine, vol. 39,
  Online (2010)
F-stop Magazine, vol. 38,
  Online (2009)


Still Life with Found Objects,
  Harvey Milk
  Photography Center,
  San Francisco, CA (2015)